Cyber Security for Managers

Cyber Security for Managers

This course provides the foundation knowledge required to understand cyber security and the issues faced by companies operating in the digital arena. Cyber Security also impacts upon every area within a business and it is important that managers, executives and senior staff have a knowledge of the subject. This course will equip them with an understanding of cyber security and allow them to place cyber security within the context of a business. It explains in business terms the nature of cyber security and the risks it presents. A key outcome of this course is to enable participants to operate effectively in their chosen area of expertise whilst being able to understand cyber security risks. They will be able to communicate with technical staff, senior managers and those at board level about cyber security.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • State the basic requirements for securing Operating Systems

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of network and data transmission standards

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the legal dimensions related to cyber security

  • Describe the causes of cyber security risk and attack vectors

Course Content

Introduction to Cyber Security

  • What is Cyber Security

  • The advent of the Digital Age

  • The ubiquitous nature of network connectivity

  • The internet of things

Operating Systems

  • Types of Operating Systems

  • Managing users, groups, resources and hardware

  • Principles of Hardening Operating Systems

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems

Networking Fundamentals

  • Basic concepts in Communications and Networking

  • Transmission Medium (Network Cables and wireless)

  • Network Hardware

  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN)

  • Network Protocols

  • Ethernet topologies and technologies; Networking components

  • An introduction to Virtual LANs; Internet Protocol (IP) routing concepts

  • 802.11 industry networking standards


Cyber Security Regulations, Compliance and Auditing

  • Laws and regulations

  • Data regulations - GDPR

  • Understanding professional ethics

  • Understanding compliance requirements and procedures

  • Access reviews and audits-and internal audit of capability

  • Education, training and awareness requirements

Cyber Security Threats and Risks

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Cloud, The ‘Internet of Things’ and intelligent networked devices

  • Bot Net/Distributed Denial of Service

  • Social Networks, Mobile Apps

  • Click Jacking/Cross Site Scripting

  • Phishing, Online Fraud

  • Convergence Gaps-Physical Theft

  • Hacking, Insider and Data Exfiltration

  • Social Engineering/Espionage

  • Organisational Awareness, ID Theft

  • Virus/Targeted Malicious, Advanced Persistent Threats

Target Audience

Managers and executives seeking to understand Cyber security and the impact it has on organizations and working practices.

Pre-requisite for Course Registration

Participants should have basic knowledge of office computer use.

Certification: ISH Diploma 

The ISH Diploma provides participants with an understanding of cyber security in a working environment.

Event Properties

Event Date 02/12/19
Individual Price POA
Location ISH – Information Security Hub

Venue Information - ISH – Information Security Hub

As the IT security experts of the Munich Airport, a highly critical infrastructure, we leverage our long-standing experience and our broad partner ecosystem to establish a world-class cyber security competence center.
The die-hard IT security experts from our partners will leverage their expertise and our training infrastructure to the fullest extend. They deliver the perfect mixture of high-level knowledge and hands-on methods for
every participant. Inspiring the participants, bringing back the fun into their demanding jobs and forming them into effective, alert and cunning cyberwarriors.
Our trainings bridge all levels within the IT department and bring together the different parties from C-level to technicians in near real-life scenarios. Through complimentary conferences, events and an exclusive ISH club we will set new standards not only in the context of IT security trainings. But as an enabler of open, cross-department, cross-company and cross-country collaboration, we aim to create a community of highly committed experts who apply their skills and enthusiasm at their workplaces.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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