Social Engineering Mitigating the Threat

Social engineering attackers are very effective at breaking into your organisation. In fact, 80% of all successful cyber-attacks have a social engineering element to them. Many businesses focus on protecting systems with complex and expensive technological solutions but fail to protect the weakest element - human nature.
Social engineers take advantage of the human tendency to trust and use this to gain information and access to our most confidential and secure systems. The damage caused by social engineering attacks can be devastating, expensive and result in huge litigation costs as well as severe reputational damage.

The good news is that social engineering training when done effectively will greatly bolster your organizations’ cyber security posture and can significantly reduce your risks in a very economical manner.

Oxford Systems Social Engineering training is unique in the fact that instead of just reeling off a series of disturbing statistics and creating a climate of fear, we offer a long-term solution to social engineering attacks that also trains your staff in the safe use of technology both in and out of the workplace.

The program has been developed by world renowned authority on Cyber Security Dr John McCarthy Ph.D. B.Sc. (hons) MBCS. This is achieved by training your staff in 2 key Social Engineering attack counter measures. Understanding good cyber hygiene practices and creating a cyber security culture in your organization. The practices are simple to understand and adopt. They have been proven suitable for employees at any level in your organization.

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Venue Information - The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists is the 100th livery company of the City of London, combining centuries-old tradition with a modern focus, energy and innovation.

Like all livery companies, we look to give something back to the industry and community, and focus on four pillars of activity:
Charity – we raise money and provide IT skills to improve lives through a range of charitable vehicles;
Education – we built Hammersmith Academy (with the Mercers) and support other schools;
Industry and Commerce – we help to promote and shape the IT industry and run several schemes (including with the Royal Signals) to smooth the path of men and women into the industry; and
Fellowship – where, simply, we have a full programme of social activity. We are the only one of the “new” livery companies to have its own hall, and in 2017 we celebrate our silver jubilee, 25 years after our grant of livery.


Session 1

Social Engineering concepts

Understanding the current threat landscape. Current Cyber Security legislation. Marketing and communication, minimizing the risk of brand erosion

Session 2

Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape

The business revenue impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber-attacks. How to reduce business risk exposure and actually reduce costs while increasing overall security posture. Generate money and business opportunities from good information security practices. In business terms, how hackers choose and attack their targets. Protection, Defense and Response and what areas you need to focus on. What are the Top 10 Cyber threats

Session 3

Cyber Hygiene

What is Cyber Hygiene? How can it protect us from cyber-attack? Delivering great service with cyber hygiene and saving money

Session 4

Creating a Cyber Security Culture

Creating a Cyber Culture where to begin? Understanding the nature of Social Engineering attacks Ensuring you are operating best cyber practice


Dr John McCarthy Ph.D. B.Sc. (hons) MBCS

CEO and Founder of Oxford Systems

Dr John McCarthy is a world renowned authority on CyberSecurity strategy, development and implementation. He holds a PhD in CyberSecurity and eBusiness Development and is an internationally recognized author of a number of academic papers discussing all aspects of CyberSecurity in the modern world. John is frequently invited to sit on expert panels and appear as an expert speaker at well-known CyberSecurity events. Past appearances have included talks on ICT Security in the Modern Airport, Security in the Digital Age and SCADA threats in the Modern Airport at various prominent international conferences. John is also a leading expert on social engineering awareness training and best practice.

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