Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Malicious actors and social engineers use Open Source Intelligence techniques to find information about your company that may assist them in an attack. This Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course will provide delegates with skills to become more efficient and effective at finding those key pieces of intelligence that threat actors may use to exploit their organization. This course is a foundation for building effective threat intelligence for your organization. The course is highly practical allowing delegates the time to explore and understand some of the tools and websites available.


2 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Learn advanced search engine techniques and features
  • Identify websites for finding information on companies
  • Analyse website source code for investigative purposes
  • Use deep web sites and directories
  • Understand internet infrastructure and its use in intelligence gathering and investigation
  • Explain the digital footprint which is left when you are online and the dangers associated there with
  • Use social media for investigation, intelligence and geolocation
  • Describe the best open source software to use for investigations
  • Access influential internet communities
  • Introduction to the Dark Web, criminal innovation and cybercrime

Course Content

Search engines

There are over 6000 search engines; some of the alternatives to Google will be looked at. Google has useful enforced term operators and advanced features that are essential for finding difficult information.

Finding People and Organization Information

There are hundreds of online tools for information gathering and data aggregation on people and companies. The most effective ones are explored.

The Deep Web

Most of the information in the Deep Web is not indexed by standard search engines. This module explores the Deep Web websites and directories.

Advanced searching and source code analysis

Understanding how data is displayed and indexed on the Internet and Web is vital. HTML, Email headers, Robots.txt, Analytics, AdSense and website ranking tools are some techniques covered.

Internet Infrastructure

Extracting useful information from internet infrastructure. This module explains how IP, MAC addresses and the DNS system work and why it is important for Open Source Intelligence.

Social Media

Social media has very rapidly changed the world and as an intelligence source it is arguably unmatched. There are many tools and 3rd party websites that make analysis of this data even easier.

The Internet of Things

Everyday devices are connecting to the Internet at an increasing rate. This has huge implications for OSINT. Google hacks and other websites show how easy it is to gather intelligence from devices connected to the internet.

Software for investigators

Install and use several software applications that help with OSINT research and investigations.

Internet communities and forums

Online communities and forums from Usenet to 4Chan have always been a vital source of intelligence. This module explores these forums as well as ways to search and find others.

The Dark Web

This module covers an introduction to the Dark Web, Tor, other Dark Web software and the breadth of Dark markets.

Online safety and cybercrime

Cybercrime increasingly affects us all. This module discusses Malware such as Viruses, Trojans and DDoS and the opportunities and threats they pose for OSINT.

Target Audience

The intended audience is anyone who wishes to be able to utilise the Internet and World Wide Web better for finding information about and understanding basic threat intelligence. It will be useful to those in the who want to understand how their airport is exposed on the Internet.

Pre-requisite for Course Registration

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, participants need to have a basic understanding of computers and the internet.

Event Properties

Event Date 12/12/22 9:30 am
Individual Price £1,950.00
Location Online

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person (£)
2 1,800.00
3 1,700.00