Cyber Security for Executives

World class CyberSecurity training designed specifically for your needs

Program developed by world renowned authority on CyberSecurity Dr John McCarthy Ph.D. B.Sc. (hons) MBCS

This is for CEO’s, CCO’s, CFO’s, C-suite and Directors who need to fully understand the cyber threat landscape and how it may impact upon their organization.

The media,through their coverage of high-profile attacks, and attention from all levels of government has made cybersecurity a familiar term. However, many executives do not know the depth of its meaning or what to do about it. This has caused many managers to take notice, but made it hard for them to act. They are advised to assess their risk, but may do not know how. They are told to address vulnerabilities that are identified, but this consumes operating budgets and there is no immediate or tangible return.
Large, medium, and small commercial companies need help confronting cyber threats. They need step by step instructions, checklists, and other tools that will help them assess and reduce their vulnerabilities.

Our Training

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Cyber Security for Executives Cyber Security for Executives 16/12/22 9:30 am 16/12/22 4:30 pm Online